Blue Angelfish


The Blue Angelfish, often referred to as the Common Angelfish, has distinctive yellow accents adorning its fins and scales.  Notably, the young Blue Angelfish presents a striking contrast to its mature form, with a pale yellow-brown body and delicate blue stripes.

This species demands a spacious aquarium, with a minimum of 250 gallons to accommodate its need for ample hiding spots. Known for its territorial nature, the Blue Angelfish typically fares best as the sole angelfish of its environment to prevent aggression. It is not an ideal candidate for reef tanks, as it has a tendency to nibble on corals and clam mantles.

A well-rounded diet for the Blue Angelfish should include Spirulina, marine algae, high-quality formulated angelfish foods, mysis, frozen shrimp, other meaty foods, and live rock for natural grazing.

The Blue Angelfish’s coloration transitions with maturity: small juveniles display the species’ youthful hues, mediums are sub-adults shifting towards adult coloration, and larges fully exhibit the adult’s color palette.


Scientific Name

Holacanthus bermudensis

Origin Caribbean
Max Size 2″-8″
Family Holacanthus
Provider Keys Marine Life Direct

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