Green Emerald Crab

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The Emerald Crab is celebrated for its exceptional scavenging skills. It eagerly devours leftover meat and various detrimental algae. Unlike many creatures, Mithraculus sculptus actively eats bubble algae, aiding in its eradication from aquariums. This crab stands out with its hairy legs and its unique, glossy green body.

Native to Caribbean reefs, the Emerald Crab is nocturnal. By day, it seeks shelter in caves and beneath debris. For domestic aquariums, this member of the Majidae family thrives in a mature environment with ample rock structures and hideaways. Once familiar with its new habitat, it will venture out during daylight to graze on algae.

Adequate feeding is crucial for the Emerald Crab. Many aquarists supplement its diet with high-quality pellet fish food, chopped meats like shrimp, and dried seaweed. Without proper nourishment, it might resort to feeding on corals, invertebrates, or even small fish. Yet, when well-fed, most Emerald Crabs are notably amicable with other tank inhabitants and harmonize well in reef settings. It’s essential to note that, like other invertebrates, they are sensitive to copper-based treatments and fluctuating water conditions.


Scientific Name

Milthraculus sculptus

Origin Caribbean
Max Size 1″
Family Majidae
Provider Keys Marine Life Direct

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