Mid Range Green Goblin



The Mid Range Green Goblin Rock Blossom Anemone, otherwise called The Mid-Range Ultra Rock Blossom Anemone and Ocean Anemone, is an individual from the Phymanthidae family. Beginning from the Caribbean, these anemones are tracked down in a wide cluster of varieties, with the oral circle frequently being an unexpected variety in comparison to the remainder of the anemone. The oral circle needs appendages, and the limbs are many times beaded by all accounts. The Stone Bloom Anemone can live separately or in gatherings. They like to live on concealed, vertical stone walls, or inside the substrate. They will cover the majority of their body in the sand, with just the oral circle and limbs appearing. These are genuinely solid anemones that will adjust to a wide assortment of lighting conditions. These anemones tend not to meander about the aquarium and are an extraordinary expansion to a reef aquarium. These anemones come in a wide range of astounding varieties. Like most anemones their sting can cause a cut off response in people, so if it’s not too much trouble, wear gloves while taking care of them.

Reef tank rock blossom anemone care. We keep them in low to direct lighting and moderate stream.

The Ultra Rock Anemone is a meat eater, and requires substantial food varieties to make due. Offer the anemone mussels and newly hacked fish meat, as well as great frozen food sources. Adding iodine and minor components to the aquarium will assist the Blossom Anemone with flourishing.

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Scientific Name

Diodogorgia nodulifera

Origin Caribbean
Max Size 6″
Family Diodogorgia
Provider Keys Marine Life Direct

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