Sea Biscuit

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The live Sea Biscuit, Clypeaster rosaceus, thrive in a saltwater aquarium with a mix of sand and fine gravel, allowing it to burrow and move around.

Sea biscuits are detritivores, feeding primarily on detritus, microalgae, and organic matter. They can be fed with finely ground marine pellets, algae wafers, and other suitable detritus-based foods. Ensure that food reaches the bottom of the tank where the sea biscuit resides.

Handle sea biscuits with extreme care, as they are delicate. When introducing them to your aquarium, acclimate them slowly to avoid shock from sudden changes in water parameters.

Inverts: Allow 3-4 days for collection
Fish: Allow 5-10 days for collection


Scientific Name

Clypeaster rosaceus

Origin Caribbean
Max Size 5″
Family Clypeasteridae
Provider Keys Marine Life Direct

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