Feather Duster 3-Pack

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The Feather Duster, sometimes referred to as the Giant Feather Duster, boasts a fan-shaped crown (radiole) that displays hues of tan or orange, interspersed with brown bands.

They sift through and capture tiny free-floating organisms with their radiole, directing them to its centrally-located mouth. To shield its segmented form, the Feather Duster produces a tube resembling parchment. If threatened, it swiftly retracts into their protective tube. In extreme stress situations, it might shed its crown, only to regenerate it later on.

Typically, the Feather Duster takes residence amidst the coral debris at the base of reef aquariums, often integrating some of this debris into its protective tube. A mature reef system is essential for its survival, given its reliance on plankton for nourishment. It’s worth noting that the Feather Duster has a strong aversion to copper-based treatments.

To ensure its well-being, one should occasionally supplement its diet with phytoplankton and liquid organic nutrients.

Inverts: Allow 3-4 days for collection
Fish: Allow 5-10 days for collection


Scientific Name


Origin Caribbean
Max Size 3″
Family Sabellastarte
Provider Keys Marine Life Direct

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