Lettuce Nudibranch

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The Lettuce Nudibranch, Elysia crispata, also known as the Lettuce Sea Slug, is a unique algae eater that derives energy from the photosynthetic algae it consumes. Interestingly, it can incorporate chlorophyll from the algae into its own tissues. Its green, wavy body closely resembles a lettuce leaf, giving it its name.

Ideal for aquariums with abundant live rock, the Lettuce Nudibranch thrives best away from aggressive species. It effectively helps control unwanted algae in the tank. Unlike some sea slugs, this species is non-aggressive and non-poisonous, making it a safe and beneficial addition to any aquarium.

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Scientific Name

Elysia crispata

Origin Caribbean
Max Size 4″
Family Plakobranchidae
Provider Keys Marine Life Direct

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