Red Tree Sponge (Amphimedon compressa)


The Red Tree Sponge is bright red-orange and has a tree-like shape. It is a common sponge from Florida and the Caribbean.

As filter feeders, sponges primarily consume bacteria and dissolved organics, which can make them somewhat challenging to maintain in certain reef tanks. Regular feeding with planktonic food is essential, as they can gradually starve without it.

Most Red Tree Sponges come with a bit of substrate attached to their base, which can be glued or epoxied onto a rock in the aquarium for stability. Alternatively, wedging the sponge into a crack in the rockwork is an option, but planting them in sand is not recommended, as the base might die.


Scientific Name

Amphimedon compressa

Origin Caribbean
Max Size ¬†5″ and Larger
Family Niphatidae
Provider Keys Marine Life Direct

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