Rhino Blenny

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The Rhino Blenny is characterized by its mottled whitish-gray and brown body. Its distinctive feature is the protrusion at the front of its dorsal fin, which is reminiscent of a rhinoceros horn and is the reason behind its name.

This species is best suited for smaller aquariums and should be kept with smaller, compatible tank mates. It thrives in a well-established environment rich in live rock, which provides both nourishment and shelter. It is recommended to keep only one Rhino Blenny per tank as they can be territorial towards other small fish. Due to its specific care requirements, the Rhino Blenny is generally recommended for expert aquarists.

In terms of diet, Blennies are not particularly fussy eaters and will consume a variety of foods, including those that contain marine algae and other vegetable matter.

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Scientific Name

Paraclinus marmoratus

Origin Caribbean
Max Size 5″
Family Paraclinus
Provider Keys Marine Life Direct

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