Royal Gramma Basslet

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The Royal Gramma Basslet (Gramma loreto) displays a distinct color division, featuring a front half adorned in shades of purple, while its posterior section shines in a vibrant orange or yellow hue. Similar to its basslet counterparts, avoiding housing them alongside other basslets is recommended due to potential aggression. However, they can coexist harmoniously in a reef tank alongside other tank mates without issue. Possessing robust resilience, these fish are easily acclimated and well-suited for care.

This Basslet does not threaten corals and larger invertebrates like shrimp, although it does consume minute invertebrates such as amphipods, isopods, and copepods. A balanced diet should encompass a variety of live or frozen Mysis shrimp and vitamin-enriched brine shrimp offered 1-2 times daily.

Inverts: Allow 3-4 days for collection
Fish: Allow 5-10 days for collection


Scientific Name

Gramma loreto

Origin Caribbean
Max Size 3″
Family basslett
Provider Keys Marine Life Direct

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