White Flame Scallop

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White Flame Scallops, a variant of the red flame scallop (Lima scabra) from Florida and the Caribbean, are often found in similar habitats but with a slightly different distribution. Many of these scallops are sourced from our live rock farm, which explains their frequent availability in our collection.

In aquariums, these scallops tend to seek out dark spots, often settling in corners or under rocks, where they attach themselves using secreted basal threads. As filter feeders, they require fine particle foods suitable for corals and gorgonians. Their tentacles are harmless, posing no threat to other aquarium inhabitants, although they may inadvertently close on creatures that swim too close. When disturbed or threatened, White Flame Scallops have the unique ability to detach and swim through the tank.

The white flame flame scallop is not photosynthetic and needs additional hand feeding with phytoplankton and organic foods like Marine Snow.

Hermit crabs, true crabs and large starfish should not be kept with Flame Scallops.


Scientific Name

Limidae sp.

Origin Caribbean
Max Size 3″
Family Limidae
Provider Keys Marine Life Direct

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