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The Remora, often incorrectly labeled as the “Remora Shark,” is in fact not a shark species. This unique fish is characterized by a flat head and an elongated body in gray, accentuated by a white and a gray band along its sides, with a completely white underside. While swimming, its pectoral fins usually remain upright and motionless, occasionally acting as steering mechanisms.

One of the Remora’s distinct features is a suction disk on its head, enabling it to attach to sharks. This ability provides the Remora with effortless oceanic travel and access to food, although it does not parasitize the sharks.

Known for its strong appetite, the Remora consumes almost any type of food. It is best housed in aquariums exceeding 300 gallons, alongside other robust feeders such as groupers, lionfish, and large angelfish. The Remora tends to outgrow its tank mates, establishing itself as the dominant predator in the aquarium. Contrary to their perceived negative image, Remoras can be hand-fed and spend much of their time at the bottom of the tank when not feeding. The tank should have a sandy substrate and good water circulation to prevent skin abrasions on the Remora. Small fish and invertebrates may be at risk in the presence of a Remora.

Feeding a Remora involves offering appropriately sized whole food portions using a feeding stick. Their diet should include various meaty foods like squid, shrimp, and small fish, such as silversides. To ensure balanced nutrition and enhance disease resistance, incorporate Ocean Nutrition Shark Formula into their diet.

*** Please Allow 30-90 Days to Ship Depending on Availability ***


Scientific Name

Echeneis naucrates

Origin Caribbean
Max Size 36″-43″
Family Echeneis
Provider Keys Marine Life Direct

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