Rock Beauty Angelfish

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The Rock Beauty Angelfish boasts a primarily black body, especially its rear half, when mature. Its head, the front section of its body, and its tail fin shine in a vivid yellow. The eyes are highlighted with sapphire blue tones. As juveniles, they resemble this appearance but start with a mostly yellow body marked by a significant black spot on the tail. This spot gradually expands, overshadowing the yellow, leaving only the head, the area immediately behind the head, and the tail fin in yellow.

Maintaining the Rock Beauty Angelfish in a home aquarium is challenging due to its sponge-centric diet. Its meals should comprise marine algae, Spirulina, finely cut meaty substances, and top-tier angelfish foods that include sponges.


Scientific Name

Holacanthus Tricolor

Origin Caribbean
Max Size  8″
Family Holacanthus
Provider Keys Marine Life Direct

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