Grey (Black) Angelfish


The Gray Black Angelfish, also referred to as the Gray Angelfish, sports a gray body with and a face with a distinct pale silvery-gray tone. In contrast, the juveniles are characterized by a black hue with yellow bands.

This angelfish is resilient and can grow up to 20 inches in its mature phase, necessitating a tank of 250 gallons or more. Such a habitat should be abundant in live rock to offer concealment and grazing opportunities. This species tends to nibble on both hard and soft corals, as well as clam mantles.

For its nourishment, a diverse menu consisting of Spirulina, marine algae, top-grade angelfish food, and mysis or frozen shrimp is advised. As for their developmental stages, the Small Juvenile displays juvenile patterns or might transition to young adult shades. The Medium stage signifies a sub-adult, while the Large stage reflects the full adult colors.


Scientific Name

Pomacanthus Arcuatus

Origin Caribbean
Max Size 8″
Family Pomacanthus
Provider Keys Marine Life Direct

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